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Soul Surfer blog post #2 The Black Out

The Black Out

Bethany’s Dark hours after everything went black Jeff Waba at tunnels made a call to Bethany’s mom ‘’mrs.hamilton, there’s been an accident…’’ speaking calmly and clear ‘’You need to the hospital, your daughter has been attacked by a shark.’’ but Mrs.hamilton thought Bethany and Jeff was playing another practical joke of Bethany’s so she said come on, what’s really going on? But Jeff didn’t respond: ‘’No really she’s been attacked by a shark!’’ this time Bethany mom knew it wasn't a joke she could hear the tension in his voice Mrs.hamilton hung up the phone and broke down in tears but she knew she had to be strong for Bethany and the family but all she could do is imagine the worst that Bethany was dying or in horrible pain she took off downstairs ‘’Noah, we’ve got to go to the hospital. Bethany been attacked by a shark.’’ on there way to the hospital Noah called his friend Sarah which meet them nearby Hanalei police station. Noah got into the car with Sarah and Betha…
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Soul Surfer Blog Post #1 The Attack

The Attack

Bethany loves surfing but one day Oct 31,2003 Halloween day she went surfing with her best friend Alana, Alana dad Holt and brother Bryson while they was waiting for a decent tied to roll in Bethany was laying on her surf board looking out with her left arm dangling into the water then that’s when she was aware of a large gray object closing in on her left side ‘’he was slow and silent he really crept up on me’’ she stated in the book. Bethany only saw a blur when it came to her attack their was no pain at the time she felt pressure and kind of a jiggle-jiggle tug. Bethany remembers seeing the water around her turn a bright red from all the blood she lost, and that’s when her left arm was gone almost to her shoulder. She remembers saying over and over again in her head as she was paddling away with one arm ‘’Get to the beach. Get to the beach’’ the shore was a very long quarter of a mile away. Holt Alana dad was pushing the tail of Bethany’s broad to get her to the shore Bry…